“First of all,For the incident of an enemy raid,Investigate mainly around two aspects。”

“the first,How does the enemy without anyone notice,Successfully passed the blockade and entered the Sirius Mountains。”
“Secondly,How did they get this specific time。”
Flying wolf in front of everyone,Told his question。
Although Flying Wolf didn’t clearly say that someone must have leaked the news,But everyone understands what Flying Wolf means。
“Leave this to the Mystery Investigation Bureau,”At this time, Wang Lei, head of the delegation of the Supreme Command Center, said。
“This is the order of Mr. Liu Hua,”Wang Lei added。
Mr. Liu Hua,Three gold stars,The chief of the Second Military Region and the second in command of the highest command center。
“Doesn’t matter,They can investigate as they wish,”Fei Lang said casually。
Although Flying Wolf is very reluctant to participate in this matter by the Mystery Investigation Bureau,But he has to admit that its strength will surely find out this matter.。
After all, the mysterious investigation bureau is directly under the jurisdiction of the highest directly affiliated unit。
No matter how big it is, it cannot directly affect the progress of the mysterious investigation bureau.。
Even with the current position of Flying Wolf,I don’t know much about the Mystery Bureau。
Because they have no contact with the mysterious investigation bureau。
“Next,Second thing,What do you plan to do with He Chenguang,”Wang Lei skipped the first thing。