Blue 梓 俊 is not talking,Turned and going downstairs。

Blue and blue:“?”
“elder brother,What do you mean?”
Blue and blue,Looking at the side of my brother,He has no expression,He is also guess not to the idea of brother’s heart.。
Lan Jun:“like,Thereafter,Just call my father.。”
“Forehead”Blue sneaky to my brother is a fog,What is called like a father??
“elder brother,Are you playing a computer last night??
I haven’t woken up this morning.。”
Blue somewhere, I can’t believe it will hear this from the mouth of my brother.。
Lan Jun:“I am very awake now.。
and,Mom also like Lu Uncle。”
Blue and mouth“I do not know what you mean”Expression。
But the brothers have reached the first floor.,Blue Xin has put sandwich and milk on the table.,A total of four copies。
Looking at Xiaojun them down,Blue Xin said quickly:“Xiao Jun,Ran Ran,You eat first,I am going to hold Qi Qi.。”
Blue sneak puts the book on the stool,said laughingly:“Mother,The future father has already held Qi Qi.。”
“Forehead”Lan Xin was stimulated by his son.。
However, is it also infected by Kiki??
Blue sneak nature knows what mom is thinking in my heart?
His obsidian is generally big,Looking at my mother smiling:“Mother,Our brothers and sisters,I am very satisfied with the future father.。”
Lu Haocheng took Qi Qi to go downstairs,Just listening to the blue and sorrow。
Lu Hao Cheng’s heart is poured out of a touch,Of course and Xiao Jun agree with his father??
this moment,I really want to tell the blue blue truth.?
“Blue,actually,Little brothers and sisters”“Ah Cheng,You come up,Help me put it down,This stinky boy,Can’t get up。”
Lu Si screed loudly on the second floor。
Lu Haocheng listened to this,A face helpless,Why do he want to explain every time?,What is unexpected??
Lu Haocheng said,Place Blue Biqi on the stool,Let her have breakfast。
Running upstairs。
Blue 梓 俊 looks at his back,Slightly shaking head,Say the bottom:“dad,You missed a good opportunity.。”
He bowed for breakfast。
And Blue Xin is not too much in the meaning of Hao Cheng.,I am busy with the brothers and sisters.。