2021 Asia-Pacific Financial Forum will hold a focus of financial market innovation and integration in Beijing

[] The "2021 Asia-Pacific Financial Forum" jointly hosted by the Asia-Pacific Financial Forum (APFF), China International Chamber of Commerce, China Finance Science Research Institute, China Finance Society, will be bonded in Beijing on October 14-15. Way. The Asia-Pacific Financial Forum is an important partnership mechanism under the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Organization (APEC) framework. It was established by the Minister of APEC Economic Party in 2013. It is an important platform for public and private dialogue and cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Economic Finance. It is understood that this session is the theme of "Building a Financial Market", which will gather in more than 400 policy makers, financial industry executives, academic institutions, and media leaders to jointly focus on "Double Carbon" Targets. The investment opportunities under the Asia-Pacific region "Insurance and Social Economic Development" "Open and Regional Integration of Securities Market" "Green Finance ‘" "Digitalization and Finance" "Credit System and Data Security" are discussed.

  Asia-Pacific Financial Forum, Chairman of the Japanese Bank of Japan, Zeng Hong, the director of the Bank of Japan, Dacheng, said that the development of China’s financial market and the integration of other markets in the Asia-Pacific region plays a crucial role in promoting the development of Asia-Pacific economic development. In view of this, the Asia-Pacific Financial Forum also maintains long-term interaction and cooperation with policy settlements such as China Treasury, People’s Bank. The Asia-Pacific Financial Forum looks forward to cooperating with China’s financial experts and Asia-Pacific peers to cooperate through this forum, promoting the development of a steady financial market and services in the Asia-Pacific region, and realizing the health and sustainable development of the financial industry. The Asia-Pacific OECD CARCE CHEFESTRUCTION Siqi Taleley said that APEC economies face sustained social and economic challenges, and the epidemic has exacerbated these challenges.

The business community is very much appreciating targeted measures adopted by the government of Asia Pacific to maintain people’s livelihood, providing support for enterprises, especially small and micro enterprises, promoting trade and investment sustainable, safeguarding supply chain security and stability.

This year, ABAC discussed these economic challenges by three special working groups, with the Asia-Pacific Financial Forum, Asia-Pacific Financial Forum and Asia-Pacific Infrastructure Construction Partnership.

The working group focuses on the economic recovery, structural reform, post-disaster recovery plan and risk management.

  "Asia-Pacific Financial Forum · Asia-Pacific Financial Forum, Asia-Pacific Financial Forum, Asia-Pacific Financial Forum," Asia-Pacific Financial Forum, 2021 Progress Report " (APIP) Most of the work is disrupted by new crown pneumonia, but these mechanisms have been able to adapt and accept technological innovation. These mechanisms continue to support economies for important reforms, especially relaxing financial access.

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