Wang Wenwenqie TCM teaches you to watch your fingers to see the disease

Wang Wenwenqie TCM teaches you to watch your fingers to see the disease

As the saying goes: “Ten fingers connect to the heart”, TCM also usually checks and confirms the disease by “looking, hearing and asking”, so how does TCM detect the disease by the length, color and shape of the fingers?

Let’s learn together.

  Look at the shape of the fingers to understand the physical condition1. Numbness of the fingers is slightly neglected.

If you are constantly numb, your age is back into the ranks of the elderly, or you are usually hypertensive and hypertensive, you should think that it may be a precursor to “stroke.”

Stroke numbness is characterized by numbness starting with the ring finger, then developing to the middle finger, and eventually involving the whole hand.

Some people may also start with numbness of the index finger and gradually radiate upwards. In severe cases, the numbness may extend to the forearm.

  2, knuckle-like fingers The knuckles at the ends of the fingers become hypertrophy, like a drumstick, and the nails are also curved upward, just like a parrot’s mouth.

This could be hypertension emphysema, congenital heart disease, or bronchiectasis.

  3. When the fingers cannot be straightened and the forearm is injured in a half-flexed state, if the median nerve or ulnar nerve is injured, although the hand is not injured, the hand often cannot be straightened and is in a half-flexed state.

In this case, you should go to the hospital for surgical correction to prevent future complications.

  4. Swelling hands, difficulty in flexion and extension of fingers. If you wake up in the morning, your hands are swollen, and flexion and extension are unfavorable. After getting up, it will gradually improve or disappear.

This phenomenon suggests that you may have problems with the heart, kidneys, or liver, or have malnutrition.

In this case, you should go to the hospital to find out the reason for treatment, otherwise, over time, you will be embarrassed, and your skin and hair will be ugly, affecting the overall appearance.

  5, hand tremor For alcoholic people, if hand tremor is found, you should consider whether you have chronic alcoholism, and you should control drinking or quit drinking.

People who do not drink should consider whether it is hyperthyroidism.

  In addition, if elderly people experience involuntary tremor in both hands and shake their heads, most of them are unable to restrain the veins, which is what the Chinese doctor calls “wind”.

This situation should be considered for the elderly who take medication for a long time.

By observing our hands more, you can understand your physical condition.