Lin Yuner was reminded by Xiao Fan,She immediately realized that she was gaffe,so,For a time,Lin Yoona actually felt that her face couldn’t hold her,The whole person’s face also turned red in a moment。

“No,Didn’t see anything,I think you are right。”Lin Yuna finished saying this,The whole person also quickly turned his gaze out of the window,I’ve never relieved myself from the embarrassment that I saw Xiao Fan just now.。
Lin Yoona looked out the window with a flushed face,So she didn’t even notice that after she turned around,Xiao Fan looking at her affectionately。
Xiao Fan knows that Lin Yoona must be embarrassing for the whole person right now,so,This time he,Didn’t say anything else,Just drive the car with peace of mind。Listening to music。
Not too long a time,Lin Yoona seems to relieve her embarrassment,Turned his face to ask Xiao Fandao:“About causing a social sensation,Do you have any ideas?Don’t forget you are hungry,You and Song Haiyang still have a bet,Three days,To us,Want to attract public attention,And donations from major companies,For the two of us,Is the time too hasty?!”
Xiao Fan said with a smile:“Enough time,I have a way,Shenjia,I plan to let them hold a charity party in the name of the Shen family,In this way, all the people with heads and faces in Yun City will come to participate.!”
“Shenjia?Xiao Fan,Are you talking about the Shen family, the largest family in Yun City??”Lin Yoona opened her eyes wide and asked incredulously。
“Yes!Is the Shen family,I have to find them at this time,Only their Shen family,Only then can this matter be fermented in a short time!”Xiao Fan said casually。
Seems to be in Xiao Fan’s eyes,Shen family in his eyes,It’s just an ordinary person’s existence。
“Xiao Fan,That’s the Shen family,Not an ordinary person,How could we be able to invite people from their Shen family?。”Lin Yuner thought about the status of the Shen family,The enthusiasm that had just risen immediately cooled down。
For the Shen family in Yunshi, it was just a stomping,The cloud city can be shaken by one of the three earthquakes。
and,The Shen family not only has a position in Yun City,In the provincial capital,Even in the capital, it is an existence with extraordinary status。
How could such an existence be someone they said they could find and find,Don’t say it’s asking someone to help,I’m afraid that time,They can’t even enter the Shen’s door, right?。
Looking at Lin Yuner’s wrinkled face,The whole person also laughed,Xiao Fan seems to be habitually reaching out and rubbing Lin Yoona’s head,Then said:“It’s ok,I go find them,This thing will happen!”
“you?Xiao Fan,You won’t tell me you still know someone from the Shen family, right?!”Lin Yoona felt the warmth that the big hand on her head brought to her,Don’t forget to ask Xiao Fandao。
“Ok!Is it acquaintance?!But it’s been a long time since I saw their family!”Xiao Fan’s mouth rises slightly,Said。
“cut!I thought you were familiar with their family!It turns out that you only know the Shen family!And it’s the one I haven’t seen in a long time,Don’t you say it like this for nothing??”Lin Yuner pouted and said to Xiao Fan。
Xiao Fan could see that Lin Yooner’s enthusiasm just got up, and it immediately went out again.。