Ouyang Hong said with a smile:“I have looked for it many times,But I never promised,After all, this money is from you,I have no decision”

“Are you alright!I don’t know what you think,If I really leave Liuling Village where,You can stop?”Xia Jian asked with a smile。
Ouyang Hong sneered and said:“A small Liuling village can stump you Xia Jian?What an international joke。What do you say about this?I listen to you,We must not be because of a Liu Gui,So that the entire Liuling village cannot escape poverty”
“How about this!You first hold a meeting with the officials in Liuling Village,Mobilize them in private,And then soften some villagers,When we have a mass foundation,Sword Liu Gui and the others。If someone does not want to rent land to us,does not matter,The water still attracts them,Repair the road for them,Of course it is something,Understand?”Xia Jian said with a smile。
Ouyang Hong laughed and said:“Yes, Mr. Xia!Now they know how to follow the mass line?I’ll take care of this,Now there is only one Liuling Village left,I don’t believe that the people in their village will be indifferent”
Xia Jian and Ouyang Hong talked for a while about work,See it’s late,So hurry down,Let Heiwa drive back to Xiping Village。
Night falls,Peace in the village。Watching the smoky smoke rising slowly,Xi Zhen who was sitting in the car couldn’t help exclaiming:“so beautiful!What a fairyland on earth”
“Looks so beautiful,But the countryside is the countryside after all,Every penny spent is sweat money”Xia Jian couldn’t help but let out a breath。Because he is a rural,He knows the bitterness best。
Xia Jian asked Heiwa to park the car at the entrance of the village,The three of them walked towards his house。Just arrived at the gate,I heard Zhao Hong talking to Xiaohei:“Xiao Hei!What’s your taste,I do not know either,You just get together and eat some!Your master might be back tomorrow”
Suddenly Xiao Hei ran away,It turned out that it had found Xia Jian and the others standing at the gate。This guy is really human,It circled Xia Jian several times,Keep yelling in a low voice,Almost talking。
“Why are you back”Zhao Hong holds dog beam in his hand,Asked with surprise。
Xia Jian walked over,Took the dog beam in her hand,While eating for Xiao Hei,While telling Zhao Hong about their report at the police station。
Zhao Hong only said one sentence after listening:“What’s so great,Don’t you have a son who is the mayor??”