“Below is the wandering swordsman of the Sword Sect of Yaoshan,Hao Ye,I was ordered by the hall master to lead the way for Little Master and Nan Girl,And sincerely learn from them。”Haoye renewed his confidence,Said with a smile。

“Oh。”Nan Yu Suo nodded。
“Past this station,There is a very strict path guarded by officers and soldiers,By that time, the young master and the southern girl may both be hiding in the carriage。”Hao Ye said。
“Got it。”
Consort Wen Ling is really a stubborn woman,I don’t know how many levels are set up along the way,I wish Minglang either walk from those dangerous deep mountains and old forests,Maybe trapped in those maze jungles,Either you can only sneak out of the country。
Consort Wen Ling knows herself,This can’t stop Zhu Minglang。
But she just wanted to make Zhu Minglang uncomfortable!
Let him know the power of Princess Luoshui,You wish Minglang even if you run away,You have to be a man!
Fortunately, the carriage is comfortable,Think of it as a retreat,It doesn’t matter if the speed is slower,Just get rid of this woman who doesn’t tolerate sand in her eyes。
Finally arrived at the border of the country,Haoye’s dull mood has improved somewhat,Because he discovered that the girl actually has two,Shuanghua sisters,Although one wears a veil on weekdays,One does not wear,But they actually look the same!
A while ago,Haoyebei“who are you”I doubt life,Inner struggle and sadness,Rely on self encouragement。
“Little Master,We don’t have to hide like this when we leave the country,Runyu City will not be too far。”Hao Ye said。
“No wonder no one wants the contract of Runyu City at all,Where the four countries meet,Or four hostile countries with irreconcilable contradictions,This contract has been kept in my bag for these months,It’s changed a dozen times,I want to take it out,Maybe it will be deliberately provoked by the enemy,Cut it on the spot!”I wish Minglang was very annoyed,Almost tore the land lease book。