Come out of the bathroom,Xia Jian saw the three children running around in bed。Ma Yan hold this and lie down,Which is starting to make noise again。I’m really busy。

“No way,After the New Year we have to buy a house in the city。Then specialize in a room,Decorated in the form of tatami。Then put these three little guys up,They just played on it”
Xia Jianyi walked into the door,Suddenly thought,Got this idea。
Ma Yan glared at Xia Jian and said:“Thanks to you。These three treasures are not just placed on top and let them roll and play,more importantly……”
“Xia Jian!Really trouble you,You have to visit our house”
Chen Gui suddenly rushed into Xia Jian’s room。
Ma Yan’s face suddenly changed,She said coldly:“Chen Gui!Do you have a brain problem?Xia Jian just came back yesterday and couldn’t even care for the meal, so you took him to your house.。Just got up today,You come again”
“I’m Chen Gui, I’m sorry for your village chief。But ask Xia Jian to visit my house today,Our family will thank him。He touched Meizi last night,Meizi promised to stay now,But she wants me to write a guarantee,And I need Xia Jian and Wang Youcai to provide guarantees,otherwise……”
“Get out!What will Xia Jian guarantee you??Just a lot of trouble in your house”
Ma Yan’s temper came up,Can’t help but swear。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“okay!Save people to the end,Send Buddha to heaven。Since Chen Gui is here,I’ll just go over and take a look”
Xia Jian interrupted Ma Yan,Turn around and walk outside the door。Ma Yan is still angry,She wanted to catch up and say a few words about Shangxiajian,But one of the three children suddenly started crying。
When Xia Jian followed Chen Gui to the gate of Wang Youcai’s house,Where is Wang Youcai standing with a smile。He saw Xia Jian came,He laughed:“I knew you would come,Although Ma Yan is tight,but I know,Xia Jian is definitely not afraid of his wife”