“It seems that Mr. Xia has a lot of stories here!“Wang Lin suddenly said something like this,Xia Jian’s body trembled fiercely,Only then came back,It’s because he was too deep into the play。

Xia Jian shook his head and said:“this place,Also considered my blessed land,I don’t know if I told you,I met Mr. Xiao here because of Xiao Hei“Xia Jian turned around embarrassedly and said to Wang Lin。
The sun is already setting,Cool breeze on Taohe Scenic Line,Very comfortable。Wang Lin brushed her long hair with her hands and said:“You said,But what you want to say,I still listen“
Watching Wang Lin’s seriousness,Xia Jian was very moved,He couldn’t help but stretched out Wang Lin’s little hand and said:“Since I have heard,Talking about it will become hot leftovers,Let’s find a place to fill our stomachs!“
Wang Lin smiled softly,Pointed at a restaurant in Linhe by the Tao River and said:“Where shall we go tonight,Find a place to sit down by the window,While enjoying the view,While eating,How good would that be“
Such requirements are not high,Xia Jian said nothing,Took Wang Lin and walked towards this restaurant。I found out when I approached,A sign was placed at the entrance of the restaurant,It says“under renovation“
“Hi!Want to be romantic with you,It seems to be more difficult!Or let’s change place?“Xia Jian patiently solicited Wang Lin’s opinion。
Wang Lin shook her head and said:“forget it!Back to the villa,What do you want to eat,I make them for you“
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When Xia Jian heard Wang Lin say this,He couldn’t help being happy,Putting her mouth to Wang Lin’s ear, she said quietly。Wang Lin,Breast reddish,So he chased Xia Jian,Run one by one,A chase,A beautiful landscape is formed on the Taohe scenic line。
People living in the villa,Quality of life is different。Xia Jian and Wang Lin go back,Wang Lin smiled and said to Xia Jian:“You go take a bath,I prepared pajamas for you in the closet,Worked a day,Should relax“
Xia Jian thought for a while,Obediently went into the bathroom,Took a bath,Then put on the pajamas prepared by Wang Lin for him,Xia Jian now knows what a coolness is,Is it on TV or movie,I often see rich people wearing pajamas,So comfortable。