“Xiaoxian kind of temper is quite big,But it’s useless!No matter how bad your temper is,He can’t enter this door either。”Su Jing saw that success angered Su Xuehen,Self-righteous,A smug smile appeared on his face。

“Who said i can’t get in?Not only can i get in,You also from the Su family respectfully invite me in!”Lu Menglin is not angry,But said with a smile。
“Is it?I would like to see,What qualifications do you have to enter the gate of our Su family?!How many years are you going to use?ten years?Twenty years?In the next life?”
Although Su Jing said she didn’t care about that little girl,But the neat look on seeing him,Still can’t help but mock。
“Ok,You will see soon。”Lu Menglin put away his smile,Calm face。
Hear his tone suddenly change,Su Yi on the side suddenly couldn’t help but shudder。
She thought to herself in amazement,Silent,Deliberately let Lu Menglin and Su Jing jump on,Is it really suitable?
The things that kid did in Myanmar are earth-shattering,The Su family accidentally provokes this monster,Can it be carried??
Su Jing suddenly feels weird,It’s the little crouch in front of me who seems to have changed,His temperament suddenly became unfathomable。
This feeling,It’s like facing the old man Su family,Not angry!wrong,Is worse than the old man!
The surrounding Su Mansion guards also vaguely felt that the atmosphere was a bit wrong,They all became nervous immediately。
Although I don’t believe anyone would dare to do things in front of Su Mansion,But still have to guard,What if this kid is crazy?
Just when the atmosphere was tense,The subtle moment when everyone present does not know what will happen next,Suddenly a clear and sweet voice came from behind。
“Mr. Lu?you,Why are you here?”This sound is not only good,Still full of surprises。
Su Jing heard whose voice it was,Can’t help but frown。
Appeared in front of everyone,Is a bright and beautiful girl。