The man who was called by Yao Junli to be Li Zhigang gave a lift,A look of surprise。The woman sitting across from him glanced at Yao Junli,Said quietly:“Who are you?How to talk nonsense“

“Ha ha!Who am I?You ask him Li Zhigang who am I?“Yao Junli looked extremely excited。
Which woman jumped up violently,She coldly said to Yao Junli:“You have to apologize to me for your recklessness,Otherwise I will embarrass you“
“apologize?You did it all,Why should i apologize to you“Yao Junli’s raised voice roared。
Xia Jian has a look,Can’t sit still,He won’t go,If it’s not done, there will be a conflict。Thought of here,He hurriedly got up,Two steps over。
First0652chapter Lingering feelings
Just when Xia Jiangang walked behind Yao Junli,Which woman suddenly slapped Yao Junli’s face with a slap。Suddenly,Yao Junli probably never thought that this woman would beat her,So where she stands, she is not prepared。
Xia Jian flickered,I’m in front of Yao Junli,Swipe his arm,I grabbed which woman’s wrist。Xia Jian threw off her hand and said:“Don’t hit people casually“
“Chen Ying!You sit down for me“Which man finally spoke。
Chen Ying’s mouth curled,Said unconvincingly:“Brother-in-law,She insulted me like this,Is that so“
Xia Jianyi listen,Thought,This Yao Junli doesn’t make a difference,Why are you talking nonsense??It seems that this matter will not end well today。Chen Ying feels upset,But for a man,She still seems afraid to defy,I had to sit back obediently。
“Xiao YaolaiGZUp,Why didn’t you make a call beforehand?!I’m so good for you“This man is really extraordinary,Things have reached this point,But he still has a good face,As if nothing happened。
Yao Junli snorted coldly:“Alright, Li Zhigang,Don’t pretend,Do you answer my call?”
Chen Ying glanced at Li Zhigang,A little angry said:“Brother-in-law,I go first”She stood up,When passing by Xia Jian,The woman glared at Xia Jian fiercely。