Birthday blessings in Japanese (female friends)

When a friend birthday, I really want to send a message or write card, but I am not good at writing. In addition to "Happy birthday", have you had such a trouble? Here, I tell you some tips: First, I have to write "Happy birthday" or "happybirdhday" and other fixed phrase blessings, express the blessings of the birthday. Examples: お birth day!つ つ つ も 敵 敵 い て ね Happy birthday! Have been so good! ★ お birth day う ★ ★ これ から も も も な 仲 一 一 に に ぼ ね ね ね に★ Happy birthday ★ I will have a pleasant play together!お birth day!く く ん 爱 込め て Dear drops ~ I wish you a happy birthday! The girl is に 合, 分 せ せ せ.. I am grateful! Adults に な けど, これ から も 変わらず バ カ し よ よ よ! When you are with you, you can do the most authentic you, thank you you can laugh with me! Although we have become adults, but will continue to commit them together! .