Competitive sports is in full swing for the whole body and vigorous development – "May 1" holiday domestic sports inventory

  Xinhua News Agency, May 6th, IV sports, in full swing, full of people, flexible development – "May 1" holiday domestic sports inquiry Xinhua News Agency reporter Huifeng and smooth, grass long

In the past "May 1" holiday, the "Pause" sports competition in the "Pause" is steadily carried out across the country, and the open race has once again sounded the cheers and applause. The national fitness "The scenery is the same", from the coastal city to the desert hinterland, the streets of Shenzhou Dadi, the people in the fitness are performed. On the evening of the 1st, in the shouts of thousands of audiences, after 56 rounds, 504 regular CBA’s first complete season, in Zhejiang Zhuji.

The defending champion Guangdong team defeated the Liaoning team through the overtime game and won the 11th CBA championship in the history.

Related topics Attract more than 1 billion people reading in Sina Weibo, "Basketball Fire" kicked off "May 1" holiday "sports hot" curtain. In the Henan Xinxiang Plain Sports Center Sports Center, refueling, screaming and screaming. 2021 "Direct WTT (World Table Tennis Professional Grand League) Grand Slip Table Tennis Race" and Olympic Simulation Match, let the public have the opportunity to enjoy Fan Zhendong, Ma Long, Xu Wei, Liu Shiwen and other country table tennis players. . Affected by the epidemic of the neighborhood, the 4th "Dream Lily Cup" has been finalized in the past two years since 2019, finally decided to the championship on the 5th.

In the nine paragraphs of the 芈 芈 廷 中 中 盘 盘 段 段, won the second world champion.

  In the same period, the 2021 National Swimming Championship and Tokyo Olympic Games selection competition, the Chinese athletes who were high-spirited were set up in multiple people, Asian records. Jiangsu Name Zhang Yuxi won the best results in the world’s swimming in the past three years in the women’s 2005 seconds 44 in the women’s 2005 seconds.

The 15-year-old Zhejiang Xiaoyi Yu Yiting was taken in 2 minutes and 09 seconds of 64 in a 200m personal hybrid competition and creating a World Youth Record.

Shandong players Yang Weizhen won the championship of 1 minute and 54 in the 200m freestyle final, rewriting the Asian record that she maintained by her himself. In the past year, many sports events have been postponed or canceled by the epidemic, and many professional players retired in regret, and some people take the opportunity to adjust the status, waiting for the stage of Dabu.

  "I haven’t thought about participating in the Olympic Games a year ago. The Olympics gave me time to train. My Olympic goal is to improve yourself, play a level of training, create good results." Yu Yiting said. In addition to competitive sports, ordinary citizens also tried to vacation through a wide range of fitness activities.

  Compared with the "visit" tour, Wuhan citizen Peng Jing, "May 1" holiday and more than 4,000 "Shayou" to Tenggerry Desert. The first desert hike, the first time I took the tent, the first time I passed the stranger to each other, but the slightly discriminy, I was drumping hard … Peng Jing, who was tied in the desert, was more difficult for more than two consecutive nights, but this The novelty trip makes her benefit. "Tired every day, but I am really happy.

Peng Jing said. As the weather is getting warrantal, the marathon boom spreads all over the country.

In 5 counties in Hubei, 40,000 professional players and running enthusiasts completed 2021 Hubei · Yangtze River super-half marathon.

This is also the first marathon event held in Hubei after the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

In Shanghai, female runners shuttle in bustling commercial neighborhood, running in modern and natural blending in modern and nature.

In Shaanxi, Xingping Horse Marathon started in Xingping Qinling Airplash, karace the scene of another "marathon" in Shaanxi Province. In addition to traditional projects such as hiking, marathon, emerging sports projects such as pattern skating, rock climbing, archery, will also make tourists to enjoy.

  Take the "Dongfeng" of the Snow Sports "South Show West Expansion East", Wuhan people have a modern ice sports center at home.

On the 1st, the Wuhan International Sports Cultural Exchange Center, which was rebuilt by the 7th World Military Games Media Center, officially opened. During the "May 1" holiday, more than 3,000 tourists visited the experience of skating, ice hockey, pattern skating, etc., in the hot sun, feel cool. A rock climbing hall in Guangzhou is full in the 5-day holiday, and many parents choose to register after the child has completed the experience class. In Zhuhai, Star Tower in the town of Xi Lexiang has also attracted a large number of tourists, climbing, jumping, beach football, letting children and parents don’t have fun.

  "As a sports ‘little white’, you can complete the 36-kilometer desert in the 3-game day, let me feel that I can challenge more ‘impossible’.

In the future, I will also participate in fitness exercises in my spare time. Peng Jing said. (Writer: Le Wenzhen; Participants: Zhou Xin, Xia Liang, Wang Haoming).