A hot pot attracts Luneng’s Asian foreign aid conjecture fans’ imagination goes against the sky

A hot pot attracts Luneng’s Asian foreign aid conjecture, fans’ imagination goes against the sky (photo)
In another year of the transfer season, the story about the transfer is always the most exciting.No, Luneng’s Asian foreign aid puzzle has become a suspense blockbuster, and there is no answer yet.There are currently no fewer than five people who have been involved in the scandal with Luneng, but no one can tell who it is.In a microblog posted by the author, Lu Mi’s imagination is really impressive, which is also fractured. The fans are really anxious, and they have broken their hearts for Luneng.  As Luneng’s outstanding foreign aid in Asia over the past two years, McGovern was unable to obtain Kuka’s absolute recognition, so he failed to obtain a contract renewal after the contract was terminated, and soon found a new owner to return to Europe.Under these circumstances, the candidates outside Luneng Xinya have become confusing. There is no clear answer as to which country, halfback or midfielder.During the Asian Cup, a news came out that Luneng Yawai was an Asian Cup player, and it was before the final.Obviously, Asia is from South Korea or Australia.Who is Lunengyawai?A hot pot attracted Luneng Asia’s conjecture that Luneng fans’ imagination is really too rich. Among the Asian Cup players in South Korea, three of the four defenders have played in the Chinese Super League. They are Evergrande Jin Yingquan and R&F Zhang Xian.Xiuhe Shanggang Jinzhou Rong, only Guo Taihui is left.For a time, the news that Guo Taihui was coming to Luneng went wild, but Guo Taihui, who is 34 years old, is indeed too old, and his effectiveness in West Asia is relatively stable. Guo Guohui can return to Saudi Arabia, and this rumor has disappeared.However, the rumors of Luneng’s new Asia are still continuing.  During the period, someone broke the news to the author that Luneng’s Xinyawai is Jin Minhe and Sainsbury. The news is fermented again, and the contract can be renewed through Jin Minhe and Tosu Sandstone. Sainsbury is the slightestWithout movement, it seems that the two of them are also impossible.Immediately afterwards, Hong Zheng happened to be a hot candidate. The 89-year-old Korean defender currently plays in the Bundesliga, but has no main position in Augsburg, which means there is still an injury. This also allows him to join.There are many variables.  On February 8th, the author got a message that Luneng’s Xinyawai may be Hong Zhengjiao, but there are still variables in terms of contracts and injuries. Therefore, the opportunity to eat hot pot sent a Weibo, writeTao expects Luneng Xinya to flourish.This Weibo can be said to make Lu Mi, who has been waiting for a long time, very well recognized, and speculations are frequent.In fact, what the author wanted to express at that time was very clear, that was Hong Zhenghao, after all, it was booming, and red was the mainstay.But the imagination of the fans is really too rich. Some fans speculate that it is Kim Min Hyuk. The reason is that He can be split into two red, which means red. This interpretation can make people worship.But more people worship is still behind. The author’s tools for eating hot pot are gray, so the god-man guessed that it was Guo Taihui. Seeing such comments, I have worshipped the five bodies and can only say that the Lumi are too anxious.Outside is really talent waiting too long.  During this period, many people sent me private letters to ask specific candidates. My answer was that I got the news that Hong Zheng was just right. But whether I could finally sign the contract was still unclear.Indeed, during the transfer period, as long as there is no official announcement, everything is possible.Such examples in the history of the Luneng team are not uncommon. For some Li Tianxiu, they are only one step away from signing a contract.There is also the most famous Smeltz. Everyone came or ran away. The uncertainty of this crushing and grinding meeting. Therefore, no one dared to pack the ticket before the official announcement.  Less than 12 hours later, there is a new version of Luneng’s Asian and foreign candidates.The football report reported that Luneng’s new Asia Wai may be Wu Banshi from Jeju United, Zheng Renhuan and Jin Jixi from Jeonbuk Hyundai. Three new candidates are basically the first exposure.The article analyzes that Zheng Renhuan may not be small. The news about Luneng’s signing of Zheng Renhuan on the Internet spread immediately, but in fact the article is not accurate. It only says that Yawai is here this week. Who is this? This is really not easy to say.Of course, the football newspaper has always had a clear advantage in Luneng’s news reports, and relatively speaking, credibility is guaranteed.  But having said that, no matter who it is, this transfer soap opera outside Asia should really come to an end.It is still five days away from the Super Cup and only half a month away from the AFC Champions League. It is a bit frustrating to see who Luneng Xinya is still undecided.Lu Mis are really anxious. On Weibo, the posts are warmly discussed, FM data analysis, various data collection of players, and heated discussions. This kind of concern is true love, but it is also really anxious.  Hopefully, Luneng Xinya Waineng will really be in place this week and will join the team as soon as possible to join this big family.No matter who it is, as long as it can help Luneng, it is excellent.It may take time to adapt, but as long as it is good, we will support it.Nowadays, many people are missing McGovern. All that is needed outside Xinya is for fans to forget McGovern. This is not an easy task.Official announcement, waited too long, just looking forward to coming soon.(Bulleye watching the ball)