“Miss Linda,Is the president still busy??”Qiao Tianyu asked politely。

.Joe,The CEO just left,Let me give you this before he leaves!”
Linda has a professional smile,Hand over an envelope,It says on the cover“President of Alpha Securities Mr. David!”
“this is?”Qiao Tianyu took the envelope,Confused。
“Letter of recommendation。”Linda’s smile is still professional。
.Joe,The president asked me to convey his apologies。You are a rare trading genius,However, Lehman is now in a difficult period,I’m afraid I can’t provide you with a suitable position。”
“The president has a very good personal relationship with Mr. David of Alpha Company,This is a recommendation letter written by the president,If you are willing to go to Alpha Company。”
I’ll wipe it!
what’s the situation?
Fuld,You play with me?
You just hugged me,A look hard to find,Why did you answer the call,I turned my back on him?
suddenly think of“phone”,Qiao Tianyu’s whole body trembled like an electric shock,Could it be that phone problem?
“Linda,What phone call did President Fuld answer just now?,Made him suddenly change his mind?”Qiao Tianyu asked hurriedly。