Duan Lan deliberately let herself stay by her side,So reject Ke Bei。

It can be seen that Ke Bei is here deliberately waiting for her lecture to end。
It’s cheaper,You can also get the nectar of frost and snow trees in advance!
“Where’s your crocodile spirit?”Duan Lan asked。
“Rest behind the house。”Zhu Minglang replied。
“Do a little thing for me。”Duan Landao。
“no problem。”Zhu Minglang nodded。
First22chapter Crocodile as bait
Frost and snow trees and flowers are definitely not cheap,The chores assistant can actually be an individual,Teacher Duan Lan let himself help ten little things,That should be!
just,I wish Minglang a little curious,Why not let the stronger Bai Qi come?,But black teeth?
At the bottom of Fengdi Waterfall,Zhu Minglang finally understands why Duan Lan wants little black teeth。
Watching the turbulent waterfall torrent,Looking at the big rocks in the huge pool,Zhu Minglang is lost in thought,I didn’t know how to communicate with Xiao Crocodile Spirit for a while。
“Black teeth,You have to remember,When the other party pounces on you,You go out now,Don’t be caught by it,The rest will be handed over to Teacher Duan Lan’s Jiaolong,Understand!”Zhu Minglang is holding the ugly head of Little Crocodile Spirit,Speak seriously。