China Meteorological Bureau: The quantity of omelette research personnel in 2025 doubled by 2020

Original title: China Meteorological Bureau: By 2025, the quantity of omelette researchers is doubled from 2020. Beijing April 20 (Reporter Yu Wei, intern Zhouzhou) reporter learned from China Meteorological Bureau, "China Meteorology" The Bureau strengthened meteorological technology innovation work program "(hereinafter referred to as" work plan ") clearly, by 2025, the number of science and technology research and development personnel is more than 2020, and the overall energy efficiency of scientific and technological innovation systems is further improved, and scientific research is more optimized, in numerical model, Key core technologies such as comprehensive observations, forecast forecasts are subject to autonomous controllable. "Work Plan" pointed out that we must strengthen the core status of scientific and technological innovation in the overall situation of my country’s weather modernization, accelerating meteorological technology self-improvement, providing strategic support for meteorological strength.

  "Work Plan" revolves around the implementation of key core technical research, optimizing discipline layout and research and development layout, promotes pilot reform of scientific research institutions, strengthening scientific and technological innovation platform construction, improving scientific and technological evaluation and achievement transformation mechanism, strengthening 6 aspects such as scientific popularization and innovative cultural construction 27 key work tasks are proposed.

  It is understood that in the next five years, the major weather climate mechanism research, the next-generation numerical forecast mode, the second generation re-analyzer, meteorological observation equipment technology, meteorological satellite remote sensing application, the meteorological integration application of new generation information technology, meteorological service digital intelligence Waiting for the focus of solving the problem of meteorological technology "card neck". The "Work Plan" proposed that it will focus on solving the size of the R & D team, the lack of talents, the scattering, repetition of the R & D institution, the overall innovation effect, optimize the national research institute, national business unit, provincial and weather business Unit disciplines and R & D layout; major needs, targeting national science and technology frontiers, coordinating advantage resources, improving discipline layout, deepening institutional mechanism reform, pilot restructuring a batch of research institutions, highlighting strategic core technology. Improve science and technology evaluation and achieve transformation mechanism, strengthen the integration of innovative cultural construction and other series of initiatives into the "work program".

In the next five years, the meteorological department will continue to improve various types of evaluation, incentives and reward mechanisms, and continue to optimize innovation environments, and further guide scientific and technological achievements to transform their applications in business services. (Editor: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang).