Zhang Yao: When he played New World, he was beaten up, Guan Baohui was just awesome, not a shrew.

Zhang Yao: When he played “New World”, he was beaten up, Guan Baohui was just awesome, not a shrew.
Zhang Yao was born and raised in Beijing. He grew up in the military compound with a natural “stubbornness” on his body.Many people know that she is mostly through film and television works, but she did not know that she was originally a singer.Although he said that he had not received professional performance training, Zhang Yao was recognized by director Gu Changwei and actress Jiang Wenli after appearing in the film “Li Chun” for the first time as an actor.Artists provide pictures. Now, she spent five days deciding to star in Guan Baohui in the TV series “New World” because she thought she was going to play a big tassel.In fact, before this drama, many characters like Tassel love to find Zhang Yao, “Stupid, especially stunned. There are two points, I have played a lot.It is director Xu Bing who is so powerful that he can see new possibilities in an actor, which is what attracted me.In Zhang Yao’s view, Guan Baohui is not a shrew, “shrew and powerful women are two concepts.”Although I suffered a lot because of the filming of “New World”, including being injured and beaten, Zhang Yao felt worthwhile, “I have never watched the film I made before, and I waited in front of the TV on the first day of this broadcast.After watching the first episode and the second episode, I’m sure.”In the play” The sleeves are always worn to cover up the fractured hands. The “New World” crew initially wanted Zhang Yao to play Jinhai’s sister Dayingzi when she first found Zhang Yao.But after seeing her, director Xu Bing felt that she was more suitable to act as Guan Baohui.At that time, Zhang Yao had not seen the complete script, only the part of Dayingzi, “The director said you go back and look at the part of Guan Baohui.”Xu Bing gave Zhang Yao five days. After five days, Zhang Yao told Xu Bing without hesitation: Guan Baohui!”As soon as I saw you, I felt that you had that kind of stubbornness in your bones.”Xu Bing told Zhang Yao later.””New World” refers to the stories that happened to these people in Peiping City 22 days before the liberation of Peiping.Although Guan Baohui went out to catch Tielin in the eight major alleys in the play, Zhang Yaojin’s first scene was in the playhouse. “I remember it very well. I shot eight times that day.When I hit the eighth time, Teacher Xu (director Xu Bing) came in and said: I think it’s OK, I really can’t see it anymore.”Guan Baohui also suffered a big mouth, which was hit by Jin Hai (Sun Honglei),” is also a real fight, originally wanted to borrow, but I was afraid of fake, thinking of it anyway, this is not bad.”Gim Hai hit Guan Baohui because Guan Baohui and Dayingzi started to fight. Seeing that her sister was losing, Jin Hai gave Guan Baohui a mouth, but Zhang Yao was the one who really hurt the scene.”It may be because the weather is too cold, the girl’s hands are thin, it should have been cracked at the beginning, and I didn’t know it. I sometimes have a large strip. At that time, I felt a little pain and applied it with an ice pack.Later, I played for another hour and directly misplaced the cracked place. After shooting the scene, my hand was swollen.Immediately after being hit by Hong Leige, I had a dark day.”Later, Guan Baohui always wore sleeves, in fact, to hide his broken hands and avoid wearing help.The stills of the TV series “New World” and Tielin bid farewell to that scene, and she couldn’t stop crying. Zhang Yao entered the group in September. Before she broke her left foot, “I met the director with a limp.””” Because she was going to be treated with hormones, she was a little fat when she first entered the group. “So after I entered the group, I was still recovering and still losing weight.As a result, in December, the scene of the fight with Dayingzi broke his hand again, and the whole body was in a bad state.”Because I was a singer when I debuted,” I have never learned acting systematically, and the only thing I can do is take what happens every day as a reality.”So, after this movie was filmed, Zhang Yao has been in a bad state for a long time, and even a little depressed,” entered into one’s own to figure out, whether I am Guan Baohui or Zhang Yao’s state, it is particularly painful and extremely tired.”In the New World, there was a scene where Guan Baohui and Tielin bid farewell. Then Guan Baohui ran to Xu Tian (Yin Fang) to report Tielin. It happened that the previous scene was for drinking,” I was in that scene.There was a lot of crying, crying like a collapse, the director shouted that I couldn’t stop, I really felt that my sky had collapsed.”Zhang Yao has seen this situation in only two films from the filming to the present. The other time is the film” To the Youth We Will Die “.Zhang Yao participated in the movie “To the Youth We Will Die”.[Outside the play]Sing again, because the singer is a self-employed work. In 2000, Zhang Yao introduced the song “With You” in the CCTV variety show “New Audiovisual” to win the title, and debuted.In 2005, she released an album called “Seven Days,” “It cost a lot of production and promotion fees, and I bought advertisements in the subway.I remember one night I ran to the subway and took my poster.”It was that year that the unusually popular” Super Girl Voice “surrounded Zhang Yao and many traditional singers in an embarrassing state of overwhelming.”That record didn’t sell well, the company invested so much money, so singers and singing at that time did not make me happy.The movie “Lichun” was Zhang Yao’s first “electric shock”.In 2006, director Gu Changwei was preparing for the movie “Lichun”. They needed a girl who could sing, so they were taken out of Zhang Yao.”I don’t know how to be treated. Until the filming, I feel that acting has nothing to do with me. At most, the company takes a job. I have to finish it because I always think that singer is my only occupation.”Later, Zhang Yao successively filmed several TV series,” later, Director Gu Changwei and Sister Wenli told me that you can actually consider being an actor because you have the talent to be an actor.”After starting the filming, the company also hoped that Zhang Yao would try to avoid the identity of a singer.”Be down to earth, and forget that you are an award-winning singer, and have come back in the actor line.”However, at the end of 2019, Zhang Yao released his latest single” Wish You Happy “,” The singer is actually a special self-work. The content I sing is basically related to me.The content is what I want to express. It is completely different from the actor. The actor is to play the life of others.”Singer” Zhang Yao.Zhang Yao said that it is not what she wants to be a singer today, how many records she sells, and what reputation she gets on the ranking list, it has nothing to do with her, and she doesn’t think it matters.[Fresh Q & A]Sauna Night Net: In New World, Zhang Luyi has a lot of opponents, how does it feel to cooperate?Zhang Yao: I have heard before that he will do his homework very seriously, and he also has a book dedicated to homework.I’m actually the kind of person who cares about Lang Lang, so I was nervous when I saw him first.I didn’t know him before, so I deliberately watched all his previous plays.But after the first day of shooting, I basically eliminated that tension.I think he may think that I am okay, and I also think he is very good, because he is really Tielin, and we are all Beijingers, two Beijingers are poor together, saying old Beijing is mutual understanding, barrier-freeThat kind of tacit agreement soon formed.And he can hold me back, I can play casually, he will not make me feel uncomfortable because he is very professional and very experienced.This is taken every month, I rely on him very much, every day he is on the scene I am very down-to-earth.Sauna Nightnet: Which scene do you think is particularly difficult or painful for you to shoot?Zhang Yao: One was that I and Tielin had dinner at Liu Rusi ‘s house. The scene was taken from the meal to the upstairs, and then came down again, especially when I was sitting behind.I’m going to collapse.The most important point of Guan Baohui is that she is not a shrew, she may be a powerful woman, but powerful and shrew are two concepts, so that Jiner, that fire should be in a suitable scale.There is also the scene that bid farewell to Tielin, because that scene is not only about tears. It is not easy for the audience to think that both of you are particularly difficult at this moment.Sauna Night: Will you read the comments of the audience?What is the most impressive comment?Zhang Yao’s daily pursuits.Zhang Yao: I do n’t see much, because I ‘m afraid it will affect my judgment, but I also read some. The most impressive thing is that some people say that I should start eating and broadcasting, specializing in snacks from Daoxiang Village.Sauna, Ye net Zhang Kunyu artist photo editor Wu Dongni proofread Zhao Lin