The next morning,The people who had been playing around for a long time all fell asleep deeply。

Gao Lan in bed woke up leisurely,Looking at the sleeping daughter,Gao Lan’s face unconsciously leaked a smile。
Thinking back to those I saw last night,Or someone you haven’t seen,They are willing to work hard for themselves and their daughter,This is also very happy!
Tiptoe to get up and get dressed,Gao Lansheng was afraid of awakening her daughter。
Kissed her daughter’s forehead gently,Looking at the sleeping daughter,Gao Lan only thinks that her daughter is much luckier than herself,It’s just that the friends she made are much older than her own。
Done all this,Gao Lan slowly closed the door,Leave alone。
Do your best not to make yourself sound,Gao Lan packed everything up before leaving the inn。
Not far out,Can’t help but glance at the inn,Gao Lan left with a wry smile。
The whole person is confused,Gao Lan doesn’t know how long she has been away,Now on the bridge,Wind blowing,Gao Lan was sober up a lot。
Looking at the sparkling ripples of the lake,Gao Lan slowly closed her eyes。Gao Lan didn’t know that after she died,Will Xiang Chen take care of their daughter?,But she has never bet on her in her life,No matter how you think about it, I feel that the probability of winning is higher this time。
Gao Lan is reluctant to bear her daughter,Just be strong for so many years,Those shells that can support Gao Lan have long been torn apart。
Those men who keep leaping on themselves,Gao Lan can’t remember what they looked like,But the scenes,It became Gao Lan’s lingering nightmare。
I wanted to go with my daughter,I have received news that my daughter is safe and sound,I forced myself to see my daughter’s last side,Gao Lan selfishly wants to be vulnerable,Just for a while。