“I understand what you mean,”Watching“Come by order”Zhang Changmou,Chen Geng“Suddenly realized”Nod:“So you want to introduce the new century、Like the Wrangler,Put ourLexus ESBring in?”

“Yes,That’s it,”Zhang Changmou nodded,A little bit,He explained:“YourESThis time the domestic road test,Didn’t China Automotive Industry Corporation assist the whole process?,This car is reliable、stability、quality、The quality and comfort have left a deep impression on our comrades,and so……”
Zhang Changmou’s whole body nonsense,Different from this generation of Mercedes-BenzEAnd Audi100,Chen Geng designed thisESDeliberately considering the needs of the US market,It is a certain enlargement on the basis of the prototype car,Said it is aC+No problem with mid-to-high class cars,Said it is aD-The class of semi-luxury cars is not too much,It is said that such a car cannot meet China’s demand for mid- and high-end cars?
This is just kidding!
Chen Geng nodded happily:“I have no problem in principle,You have discussed the specific issues with Miss Rosemary……But the name,Keep callingLexusIs it a bit inappropriate?”
Zhang Changmou also thinks this is a problem,He frowned,Asked:“What do you think is more appropriate?”
“Do you think useLexusTransliteration:Lexus,how about it?Oh,correct,‘Lexus’This name,I have already registered with Huaxia。”
“Lexus?”Zhang Chang’s strategy,Eyes lit up immediately,Nodding:“Lingyunzhi?The meaning of the name is good,Just use it。”
“As for the level code,In the US marketESwithLSJust keep callingESwithLS,But since it’s here for China,Then you have to go to the village,Well……”Chen Geng pretended to think for a while,Said:“All withALet’s start,LSAsLexusThe brand’s flagship model,It’s called Lingzhi in China A9,ESAsLexusThe backbone of the brand,It’s called Lingzhi in China A6。”
While saying this,Chen Geng was able to hold himself back with great perseverance and did not laugh:Audi students,You hold it back,from now on,A6This name has no relationship with you。
Zhang Changmou is obviously not the roundworm in Chen Geng’s stomach,He doesn’t know what Chen Geng is thinking at this moment,HearA6、A9These two are easy to remember and catchy at the same time、It is easy for people to distinguish the code name of the brand’s level positioning,Suddenly feel very satisfied,Nodding:“I think it’s good。”
Like6what、8what、9what,It has always been the favorite number of Chinese people,Liuliu Dashun,Long time,Nothing more6with9The figures are more in line with the hearts of Huaxia people。
But finished,Zhang Changmou suddenly felt embarrassed:“but……Mr. Chen,You also know,Our country’s foreign exchange reserves……This one……and so……”