Although Wang San is afraid,But I have no choice but to deny it,He knew Fang Na couldn’t find out,after all,Business in that restaurant is not good,Closed long ago。

and,I changed two bosses later,Business didn’t start,The store door is closed now,Fang Na has no clues to check。
When Wang San returned to the night market,Bruised nose,Limping when walking,Chunmei saw her involuntarily covering her mouth and exclaimed in a low voice,“day,Just fine,How to leave for two or three hours,I was beaten like this by others?”
Wang San looked around,No one pays attention to him,Then answered in a low voice,“It’s all caused by the big belly!”
“Was exposed?”Chunmei is also nervous,Turn around and look around。
Wang San nodded,“Yes,They found the big belly woman is still alive,and so,I was beaten like this。”
Chunmei smiled,“Deserve it,Mix outside,Sooner or later。”
Wang San warned vigilantly,“Only you know this,Don’t talk nonsense!You said my life can’t be saved,Now they just know the big belly is alive,I was beaten just because I didn’t get things done,If I knew it was me,I am dead!”
“what,You treat me stupid,Will i talk about it,I didn’t even tell the one in my house,”Chunmei brings a bottle of beer,“I treat。”
After a while,Ermao is here too,He was left alone by Fang Na for half an hour。
He came limply,Also swollen face,“Boss lady,I have a beer too。”
Chunmei asked loudly on purpose,“What happened to your brothers,Be beaten like this。”
“Boss lady,Just sell your barbecue,Too much talk!”Wang San said to Chunmei。
“whispering sound。”Chunmei curled her mouth,walked away。
Wang San took a sip of wine,Ask Ermao,“Sister Na left you,What did I explain to you?Still ask you something?”