Lu Haocheng glanced at him.,“Go to drive。”

Su Seiming running is still fast than the rabbit。
Blue Xin looked at Su Seiming’s back,said laughingly:“He was chased by the wolf,How to run fast than the rabbit?”
Su Seiming just stepped out of the door,Mouth,A little feet,Almost fall,Just a moment,He feels that Lu Haocheng is also terrible than the wolf.。
“hehe”Lu Haocheng looked at her whispered:“Blue,He is very afraid of me。”
“so,Are you a wolf??”
Blue Xinhong face,Laughing, blur, looking at him。
Lu Hao Cheng:“?”
Gimmick,Are you serious??
How can I be a wolf?。
Humph!!He really wants to become a wolf,I ate her.。
Looking at the car outside the door,Lu Haocheng went out。
Su Sei Ming’s consciously got off the door opened the door。
Lu Haocheng carefully put the blue to the seat,I also follow it.,Also hit her in arms。
Su Shengming asked:“Whereast?”
Lu Hao Cheng:“Penghu Villa。”
Su Sei Ming:“You are serious?”
How precious places in Wuhu Villa?,They have never been there.,He also went there when he was renovated.,It’s not far from the city.,In a very beautiful lake,Lu Haocheng bought it,Created a glass house,Be precious,That’s where he left the future of his wife.,Now it’s blue.。
This is not suitable.!Lu Hao Cheng:“Do you have to see me joking??”
A faint coolness came in the car,Air becomes suppressed。
Su Seiming is not talking,One foot stolen door,Directity to go to Penghu Villa。
Blue Xin smashed in Lu Haocheng’s arms,Find a comfortable posture,Call the big sleep。
She is drunk,I want to sleep。
I am fine after waking up.。
Lu Haocheng held her,It’s down on her head.。
Not too traffic jam,Half an hour later,Su Sei Ming parked the car at the door of Wuhu Villa。
Crystal clear modern glass outer room,Area coverage,There is a small court in front,It is planted in various flower flowers.,It has also retained trees in the original,The air is full of quiet,Like the world’s hustle and bustle。
Lu Haocheng got off the car,Looking at the Su Sei Ming,“You can go back.。”
Su Sei Mingyi,Looking at Lu Hao,A face“You have never forget your friends.”Face。
Lu Hao is ignorant,The diameter is holding Blue Xin in。
Spacious and bright living room,Four sides consisting of bright glass,Landscape in the yard。
Lu Hao became the soft bed in the room,At this point, there is a sunlight shot on the beige quilt.,A faint warmth,Wrapped in a room。
Blue Xin is placed in a soft big bed,Dilestry,Warm feeling,Let her sleep more and more。
NS719chapter:Life later,There is only a bachelor.
Lu Haozheng sits at the bedside,Looking at the girl lying on the bed,Sunshine hits his body,His delicate face,Gentle than any time,Also make the temperature in this room。
His slender finger gently dialed the hair covered on the face,That red face,Still still hot,Rolling eyelashes,The line close up,Also beautiful。
Looked for a while,He took out the phone,Point to open him and the children’s WeChat group。
Looked at a time,Xiaojun, they also have studied.。
Since I went to the Jiangnian Da Hotel,After listening to Xiao Jun’s words,He has built a group of four people belonging to their father and son.,but,Xiao Jun from that day,I haven’t mentioned this again.,He knocked on the side of the side,Xiao Jun is very smart to avoid this topic.,Smart baby has always been difficult to deal with,Xiao Jun is one of them。