He is afraid of Upper。

Now Gao Bi is playing with the teacher of the tiger wolf.,He is still worried about Yu Xian,why?
Yang Jianheng rose four words:High-spirited master!
If you lose this,That is not to say,Everyone is finished together。Yushen also did not surrender Gao Baoyi qualifications,I will fight for a battle,By the time,The possibility of fighting the sand field is very large!
but,In case unclear,Just like Wei Xiao width in the year, he defeated high-happily with a disparity force.,Finally won it??At that time, almost all the armies in Zhoukang are in the hands of the congenital,He is trying again。
If you return to Changan“Qingjun side”if,How do you?
Yang Jian sitting in the caravan,Feel your own back,How to see how it is a dead bureau!
It seems that there is no good solution.。Yang Jian has a premonition,This time he went to Pucha City,Probably,Never return to Changan。
This intuition is difficult to describe,I can’t tell others。Yang Jianzhong,There is a sad feeling of the unpaid。
A thing,I have no chance to show,It seems to go to the end of life,What is this good??This is a heart?
Inside the built-in, it is heavy in the courtyard.,Placed a black coffin,It is difficult for people to be induced,Even if it is daytime,It is also cold and chestnut。
Third layers of the three layers of three layers,Do not have a higher hand-written handwriting and personal mail,No one can go in,Celebrity, including the worth of God,Also supervised each other,Who dares to step into the yard?,Others can make it!
“What is it installed in this?,The Dado Member sent so many people?”
Zheng Minmin, a big man wrapped in the big, asked Gao Bao。The army has already tied here for five days.,Qi Jun has no movement,In addition to laying wooden boards to start icing sludge,Outside the temporary lane,That is to raise a savike in the city。
“Temporary confidentiality。go,Go to sign a house,I want to write a public letter to Yushu Zhou Jun.。”
“open letter?”
“Correct,Wei Xiaidong has always been a multi-faced side,Be good at using。I came to play with him this time.,Make him uncomfortable。As long as he is uncomfortable,Then I am comfortable.。”
See this,Zheng Minmin nodded,She also wants to know,How does Gao Bi play?。
NS1307chapter Different road non-phase plan(Down)
Wei Xia width embarked on the city of Yuxi City,Patrol a patrol,Then by connecting the wall of the two departments,Take a time,Tour all the walls of Yuxi City,Like yesterday,There is no special thing happening。
In addition to the temporary construction of Qi Jun“the way”,I have entered a little bit.。
“It is a bit mean.,This Governor,It can be better than that of that year.。”
Wei Xiaoxuan smiled and said to the Xin Daoxian around him.。
“Convinced,It’s not a joke now.。”
Xin Dynasty because of this sentence,Have a heart。
In the same year Wei Xiaoxuan Town,Although it is a good time to let,Missing detail。but,situation at the moment,In fact, it is already very dangerous.。
Unfair,If the old man is slightly“Secret help”Gao Huan,Then Yushu City may fall。For example,In Wei Xia widen, the rain is raining when he is burning the city.。
And Wei Xia width just said that this high-capital host is still a little scary that year.。
“Although I didn’t say laugh,But we operate in Yushu for many years,Not anyone else。”Wei Xia wan wrinkled frown,Looking forward to the towering city。Dark heart in my heart,What actions will Gao Bi will take?。
Now Yusheng City daily firewood consumption,Are quite amazing。The city of the new building,There is carbon carbon to be used,They can also get a lot of materials from the replenishment line of the Weihe River.。
Although the winter,The Weihe will all frozen,Ship can’t pass,I may cause some troubles to Qi Jun。but,From Chengcheng to now,Has been a long time,I believe that the other’s materials have been in place.。
Opposite the Gaotow,The means is really solid enough,Little flaws don’t stay,Steady,Don’t see what you don’t do.,That time span long,Again,The other party has not stopped。
“Weidu,Qi Jun sent people to send,People put the letter into the hanging basket,Leaving,Let’s follow your instructions,Not blocked。Letters here。”
A drum is rushing to run over,Hand over the bamboo tube of ambelcoller to Wei Xiaoxuan,The bamboo tube writes five Juan Xiu’s small words,“Weidu”。
“look,Worried about my personal letter,This guy wrote that you don’t write it yourself.。”
Wei Xia width pointed to the word on the bamboo tube。
There are some plots in the mind and less children.。have to say,Gao Baoyi This guy is still a wonderful person.。There is a woman in this army.,Can still write a letter,Click one’s tongue,It will play。
Wei Xiaoxi, proficient in intelligence,Nature know the biggest opponent Gao Baoyi,Those romorines,Look more to a lot。
Back to the signed room to open the lacquer,Letter on the letter,The writing is the same as the writing on the bamboo tube。