An Tu County Shimen Town: Rice is harvested in Xiangtian, and the rural resolution

In the harvesting rice, Shimen Town, Mirror Village, planting rice is a long history. As early as in the Tang Dynasty, the rice produced by the village was designed for royal enjoyment.

The water source, sunshine, fertile soil, and unique geographical conditions are ideal for rice growing.

The rice fragrant alcohol, good viscosity, good taste, high nutritional value, is well received by consumers.

Shimen Town has always adopted the green development concept. It is transformed from a single pay weight to pay attention to quality. Under the support of national policies, the establishment of agricultural development professional cooperatives, planting excellent varieties, vigorously developing green organic rice, guiding the Town party committee and government By continuously adjusting the industrial structure, the rice grows into a poverty reduction industry. It is understood that Shimen Town This year’s rice planting area hectares, there are 4 rice planting professional cooperatives, 2 rice production and processing enterprises, and 3,928 rice production in rice production, and there are about 480 kg per mu. In order to ensure agricultural efficiency, farmers’ income, Shimen Town will strengthen rice food crops as the basis for the effective connection of the expansion of the rural resolution, and vigorously promote industrialization, scale, standardized production, improve the grade and added value of rice in the water, and help the countryside Revitalize. (Antu County Shimen Town) (Editor: Zhang Shu, Xie Long) Sharing let more people see.